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- Ben Hanbridge
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I Used To Struggle Too...
My name is Ben Hanbridge, body transformation coach, the creator of Bodyfit Academy and author of ‘The Triangle Of Effective Weight Loss’.

I help women & men to finally understand diet and exercise so they can get results quickly… and keep the results long term.

BUT…I want to be COMPLETELY honest with you. It was not always this way. I have not always been IN SHAPE. I used to be fairly ‘thin’ but STILL carried a fair bit of body fat… ‘Skinny Fat’ as I call it.

I felt sluggish all day, getting out of bed in the mornings was near impossible, I had skin which was covered in spots, I had no real energy and it was a struggle for me to do anything with any real effort.

I felt embarrassed with my top off and I remember one year while on holiday where I just thought that enough is enough with feeling sorry for myself and i knew that something HAD to change.

I literally tried everything to change my body. Or so it seemed. I tried all sorts of different training programmes, searched online and followed different programmes, tried different supplements, even tried going to different gyms.

Nothing worked.

Well, not until I finally discovered a solution.

I discovered a small, select group of trainers from around the UK who were getting incredible results and I invested £thousands to learn from them so I could get amazing results with myself, and eventually my clients.

I took different components from what I learned. Took what was useful and rejected what was not and that was when my unstoppable system was born… The ‘Triangle Of Effective Weight Loss’ ©.

The triangle of success is made up from the 3 pillars: Mindset, Nutrition & Training.

This exact system completely changed my life, it not only changed the way I looked, but the way I felt too!

My skin cleared up, I had the energy to jump straight out of bed in the morning, my energy levels were through the roof all day long and I actually FELT GREAT about my body.

The biggest change you could notice was my confidence. I now had ZERO problem posting up my pictures. I even posted them out to all of my email subscribers.

I thought, at first, that I just got lucky. BUT, then I tested out the exact same system I developed on friends and family and it worked time and time again.

Now years on it continues to work for all of my clients too and they have friends and family asking them if they have lost weight and bombarding them with questions like "what's your secret?"!

Now, I am on a mission to help as many people to change their lives and finally end their frustration with their body… FOREVER.
ATTENTION: Do You Want To FINALLY Make Changes To Your Body To Boost Your Confidence & Wear The Clothes You Want?
Get In Shape WITHOUT Counting Calories, Eating Boring Food OR Training For Hours Each Day...

Dedicated Female Only & Male Only Body Transformation Programmes In Leigh & Swinton.
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